UBI Corp is an indigenous energy services organization with various entities supporting the oil and gas industry in the sub region.  Established in 2006 the corporation it operated a fully-integrated downstream petroleum company in Ghana and the West African sub-region.    UBI  operated across the value chain of the downstream petroleum operations with each business segment in a different growth cycle i.e. trading, bulk storage, storage tank farms, shipping vessels and fuel service stations distributed across the country.   The corporation achieved milestones  that was first in Ghana. This indigenous corporation developed essential infrastructure within the Oil and Gas downstream Industry.  One of such is the first state of the art storage facility for Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK – Jet Fuel) at Ghana’s international Airport.  This infrastructure fuels most of the airtraffic in Ghana with the likes of Lufthnasa, South African Airlines etc.
UBI was established in 2007 with a focus on the downstream sector of the Oil and Gas industry.  The fully integrated group was the first indigenous company to supply petroleum products including
marine gas oil to the new and emerging Upstream Oil and gas sector of Ghana. UBI was also the first indigenous company to build an aviation fuel depot in Ghana alongside its filling station and Petroleum Fuel storage tanks in Takoradu. The company’s extensive experience and positioning in the Ghana Oil and Gas downstream sector attracted multinational partners and interest. The company’s focus is now on shifted to the generation of Alternative energy/Power.   Its Coal plant costing over one billion dollars should be on its way by 1st quarter 2016.   The coal plant will generate over a 1000 megawatts of power to Ghana and its neighboring countries. It will be the first of its kind in Ghana the sub-region. Its involvement ( in the upstream sector has introduced impeccable advisory and support services to the upstream sector including Ghana National Petroleum Commission (GNPC).
We are still doing logistics and transport of petroleum products with vessels and trucks, we are in the process of setting up the plant to produce energy(electricity), we are proving consultancyfor 2 and 3D seismic for GNPC.
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Mission and Vision
Today the corporations focus is shifted to the much needed power generation.  It also  supports the upstream of the Oil and gas Industry.  Our business units consist of dedicated and highly experienced individuals who are focused on value creation for our clients. As a local company with a global outlook, we are able to customize solutions to meet our client’s individual needs
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